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L3HARRIS | NARDA Safety Test Solutions


PMM is the Italian brand of NARDA Safety Test Solutions, belonging to L3HARRIS Group, specialized in RF testing instruments for EMI and EMS applications. Present in the EMC market since more than 50 years, the PMM solutions applied a revolutionary approach to EMI testing with the innovative and extremely compact Digital and FFT based Receivers 9010 Series: still “the smallest” CISPR 16-1-1 Full-Compliant EMI Receivers in the market ! Very unique are also the Field Probes of PMM EP-60x Series, the smallest isotropic probes ever designed, to complete the range of cost-effective solutions for Immunity Testing NARDA can provide for Industrial, Automotive and Military applications.

  • PMM CA0010: New 4 Channels Click Analyzer with CISPR Clicks Generator on board
  • PMM ER8000: Faster FFT Receiver with LISN on board